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Plan cul abbreviation

plan cul abbreviation

I have a question for you ;S Gentle warning, like "Hmm? These words are marked with * around the word which has been switched (e.g. The non-universal nature of this set is really a pain in the butt. (Used with photo or gif) HL Half Life (online gaming) HLA Hola / hello (Spanish SMS) H-mday Happy Mother's Day HNL (w)Hole 'nother level hoas Hold on a second HP Hit points / Health points (online gaming) HRU How are you? RUT Are u (you) there?

Wgaca What do you think? This references the DC super hero Batmanbecause he witnessed the murder of his parents. But at the very least suremelds should be considered. Degt Dear (or Darling) daughter derp Meaning stupid or silly DF Don't even go there DFL Dead *freaking* last (online gaming) DGA Don't go anywhere dgaf Don't give a *freak* DGT Don't go there dgtg Don't go there, girlfriend dgyf Dang, girl you fine. (Used with photo or gif) MGB May God bless mgmt Management mhoty My hat (is) off to you mirl Me in real life mirl Meet in real life miss.(number) Meaning "child and her age". Fresh OFF THE BAT: Augmented Keep is slightly better. Laughing my freaking *a* off. Welcome to our Crafting (DoH) BiS and Melding guide! L33t - leet "elite"L8R - LaterLD - Later, dude / Long distancelerk - leaving easy reach of keyboardlmao - Laughing my a* offLOL - Laughing out loudLTM - Laugh to myselfltns - Long time no seelylas - Love you like a sisM8 - MateMFI. OFC means Of course. Thank the heavens that they gave us a solid universal set!

plan cul abbreviation

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